Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

Mar 15, 2007

Past tense (1991-2000)

Dear All,
You can post your memories here belongs to year (1991-2000).

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  1. 1992

    My Friend Badruddin Qureshi made up his mind to contest for the post of PRESIDENT in 1992 JMISU election.
    One of the costliest election in the history of Universities all around the world as reported by BBC london.
    He called me to come back to the campus & join hands with others for the big day.
    I left my job & join the compaign, He was the most favourite & won the election by record margin.
    After election, I joined Unitech & starts packing my bags to travel by train.
    All of my friends came to see me off at railway station, some how Badruddin qureshi saheb stuck in the traffic jam & delayed.
    We were waiting eagerly on the platfom for him to join & then train start moving.
    We saw Badruddin Qureshi rushing towards the train, so, two of our friends quicky ran towards the guard waving the green signal.
    They ordered him to stop the train immediately.
    He was surprised but somehow after understanding the arrival of a dignitary he stopped the train.
    Badar bhai came, we talked for a while among the crowd looking at us.
    He then signalled guard to go ahead.
    By the time guard understand the whole truth, they all were out from the platform & i was inside.
    Altough what we did was wrong, but some how it was a small glimpse of STUDENT POWER.
    I will always remember that.


Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir