Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

Sep 16, 2007

Jamia middle school.....Hameed/Farooq sahib

Mathematics, always haunt many students in quite few ways.
That’s the reason, why most students tend to take tuition from Farooq sahib during my days in Jamia middle school.
While in VI standard, we have been introduced with a new teacher.
Hameed sahib.
Topi, sherwani, normal height & small black beard.
Smart, intelligent, quick & always carrying black leather bag with him.
Within few days we get afraid of his carry bag.
He joined school & every day made a practice to open his bag, took small stick out & hit all the students on their palms.
Believe me it hurts a lot & went worse during winter season.
Girl or boy, all has to keep their hands on desk, he comes with stick & hit right on the palm & a wave of pain intrude inside with sensations remains for 15 minutes & even later.
If you are late to the class, delayed in keeping book & note book on the desk, then you have to pay more price, otherwise, one hit was a normal practice.
He was awarded with one section & other section went to farooq sahib, who continued with his usual style of teaching at school & later giving tuition at home.

Since hameed sahib was good in teaching and due to his hit man habit, many students seek tuition from him to find an easy escape.
He lives near to zakir nagar mosque & specialty of his tuition was far different from farooq sahib or any other teacher at that time.
He rejected the normal style & adopted a new style, created a class room, placed chairs & Glass green board (black board).
This attracts many students despite he charged Rs.200 for one hour per student per month as compared to Rs.150 of farooq sahib.
Initially there was no problem, but the whole school smelled the rivalry between two teachers when students starts withdrawing themselves from farooq sahib & joined hameed sahib.
Farooq sahib often becomes irritated & frustrated due to this in class room & students have to face the heat.
Most of the time we saw his anger poured on to Mirza brothers.
Advantage with farooq sahib was that, he also teaches another subject & was class teacher not limited to one subject.
During half yearly examinations & specifically math’s paper, I got both of them as my invigilators.
It was like two lions in one territory.
I had some problem in one question & I asked hameed sahib near to me for clarification.
He came & told me if I can’t understand then attempt other question.
Hameed sahib went to other row & farooq sahib immediately approached me & asked what I was asking hameed sahib.
I repeated & told him that he refused.
Farooq sahib become little angry & explain me the question along with solution.
I felt delighted.
After few minutes, hameed sahib approached me again & questioned what farooq sahib was telling me?
I told him the truth; he asked how many questions balance?
I said five.
Do you find it difficult?
I said yes, one of them & I pointed out.
He then solved the other question for me.
Farooq Sahib was staring from another row & came soon after as hammed sahib departs.
Again the same things & I got another question.
Over all, their rivalry solved four questions for me.
Actually I was not alone in that room as beneficiary.
Tanweer ikram & Shamama khursheed were among others.
Looking back & remembering those days with such rivalry made me smile because students were benefited by them in so many ways, although what benefit I got was wrong.
I never took tuition of any subject throughout my career, yet I have given tuition to many since my school days.
I still remember, once hameed sahib came to me & offer me to join his classes free of cost & I refused him with thanks.
The reason of his offer was, he always cover more what he covers in class, therefore, majority of students took tuition from him to perform better in class & in sessional assessments.
I have given many additional hours to the subject at home & by the grace of ALLAH secured a position in grade VI.
Often I met Hameed sahib during college & senior secondary days.
He passed always smiling & I always look back to my palms.
This was another memoir of my school days.

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Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir