Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

May 2, 2007

Past tense....Middle School

Preparation for one day school was on & Bilquees madam decided to decorate Panjum Alif (V-A) during 1979-80.
She told us to prepare a model of EK PAHAR AUR EK GILEHRI (Squirrel & Mountain).
We have selected the corner but the major challenge was to bring Chikni mitti (Clay)!
Who will do that?
Finally responsibility fall on QMD,HZ,BAM & my self.
If any body recall those days then the only source of clay was the bank of Yamuna river where potters used to dig & take the soil to make pottery.
The road to okhla splits into two branches, one goes to okhla head & other runs parallel to Yamuna river for about 1 to 1.5 km till you reach okhla head to complete the loop.
The distance from V-A (situated little away from Jamia Mosque) to the source of soil was long.
We have to go there & dig the soil,load it & transport back to the class room.
HZ got one broken bicycle & i brought a spade with few gunny bags & we all four departed to accomplish the mission.
The site selected was little deeper toward Yamuna from present day KHALIL ULLAH MOSQUE.
Those days, there was nothing except a stretch @300m wide till u reach Yamuna.
We used to play cricket on those well compacted grounds.
Digging, filling gunny bags & loading were real difficult tasks.
The soil was hard to excavate & within no time we developed boils.
We transported first bag to class room & unload it outside.
It was nothing, may be 50kg of clay.
The requirement assessed was about 30-40bags.
Luckily another friend AP joined us with his bicycle.
We did this exercise for nearly two days after school hours to complete the required quantity.
Exhausted, boils & red marks on hand, scratched legs & Mission accomplished.
Girls with artistic flavour starts building the model.
One day school & V-A fetch consolation prize for model.
We were not very happy but Bilquees madam told us.
I appreciate your efforts, don't count it by the out come of prize, count it by the dedication you had to achieve something.
You have achieved & this is the biggest thing.
You set a goal, make yourself disciplined, dedicate yourself & try to achieve up to your satisfaction.
Finally a wave of satisfaction touched all of us & we felt happy for our hard work.

Bilquees Madam was always very polite with students, carry smile on her face & ofcourse a good teacher never to forget.

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Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir